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Cognex DataMan 150 Series Barcode Scanner DM150S

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Cognex DataMan 150 Series Barcode Scanner DM150S




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Product Description


The DM150S model barcode reader is one of the several specific models of the Cogex line of DataMan barcode scanners. These pieces of equipment are designed for image based scanning, zone routing, and has a medium range of visual, and able to scan inventory on an assembly belt that is operating at speeds up to a maximum of 300 feet per second.

The barcodes that the model is able to read specifically are the 1-D and 2-D type code displays. The 1-D reading capabilities make the DM150S is able to read heavily damaged, or poorly printed or manipulated 1-D barcodes as small as 0.8 pixels per module. The 2-D reading programming can reliably read 2-D barcodes, regardless of quality, printing issues, or the surface where the codes were marked on.

The DataMan 150S model has two possible configurations for your assembly line workfloor, a straight in-line figure or right angle configuration, which eliminates the need for workplace redesign or complex external mirror systems. The DataMan series only use solid state technology. There’s no laser or raster components that will wear down and break, making the time needed for repairs even less so.

The DM150S’s standard dimensions match those of the 150 DataMan subgroup, a weight of 128 grams, and dimensions of 43.1 mm by 22.4 mm by 55 (63) mm.

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