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H4-ERM Ethernet Remote Master (ERM)


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H4-ERM Ethernet Remote Master (ERM)



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Product Description

The H4-ERM Ethernet Remote Master (ERM) provides a Ethernet Remote I/O link for DL205 series and DL405 series modules and Do-more PLC systems. The H4-ERM Ethernet Base Controller supports the 10BaseT (twisted pair, copper wire) Ethernet standard.

The H4-ERM Ethernet Remote Master connects the Master controller PLC to the ethernet remote slave modules. Each ERM module can support up to sixteen I/O slaves when used in DL430 series, DL440 series, or DL450 series systems.

The front of the H4-ERM Ethernet Remote Master provides status indicators.

LINKGD When green, the module is properly connected to the network.

ACT Red or flashing red indicates active network data.

ERROR When red, or flashing red, a fatal error has occurred.

The operating temperature is 32° to 140° F (0° to 60° C). The link distance is  100 meters (328 feet). The quantity of I/O slave is 16 maximum.

You must use the ERM Workbench software utility to configure the ERM. The NetEdit3 software utility can be used to set network identifiers (Module ID or IP Address). You can also assign a module ID using the DIP switches on the module. Use the DIP switches if you want the ability to install or change modules without using a laptop, desktop, or other device  to set the Module ID.

To assign the slave module ID, you can use the dip switches on the module, or use the NetEdit software tool that is included in the ERM Workbench software tool.


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