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F4-SDS Smart Distributed System Module


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F4-SDS Smart Distributed System Module



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Product Description

The F4-SDS Smart Distributed System Module is an intelligent communication coprocessor module. It interfaces with the DL405 PLC using high speed parallel dual port memory. The F4-SDS Smart Distributed System Module contains a 9-pin D-sub connector to interface between the Smart Distributed System Module and up to 64 intelligent SDS field devices and the DL405 PLC. The F4-SDS maps input devices directly into the DL405 V-memory locations. The F4-SDS also maps the output devices to the DL405 V-memory locations.

Use the F4-SDS in distributed I/O installations in applications where field devices are not concentrated. It is also useful if an application requires one of the unique features or the advanced diagnostics provided of the SDS Network.

Each SDS device in the network contains an identification data and diagnostic information. Each device also contains parameters which control the operation of the device. The identifying information includes the device address, software version, and tag name. Operational configuration values include the cyclical timer, on delay timer, and off delay timer.

A maximum of eight F4-SDS modules can be connected to a DL405 base.  A single command can be used to change read/write parameters in v-memory and then loaded into the device.

The F4-SDS includes POWER, ON-LINE, and NODE ERR LEDs to provide status and troubleshooting information to the operator. Error detection is provided by CRC error checking and other techniques to provide an undetected bit error rate near zero.


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