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F4-MAS-MB CoProcessor Module


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F4-MAS-MB CoProcessor Module



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Product Description

The F4-MAS-MB module is a FACTS Engineering Modbus Master Module that was created to be part of the DirectLogic 405 series. The F4-MAS-MB master module may be available in AX Control’s stock, so be sure to call or email to ensure that it is in stock and that it is the best thing to purchase for your facility.

The F4-MAS-MB may be used to host a Modbus network with a PLC that is associated with the AutomationDirect 405 brand. This network connection may be hardwired, radio configurations, or a leased phone line. This product has the ability to engage in a table read/write mode, a random read/write mode, or both.

The F4-MAS-MB master module’s table read feature can be used to consistently read a block of data from many different slave devices. By doing this, the operating status of many different machines can be monitored from a single central location. Once the table read is on, the read data is written to V memory, as pointed to by the module. The table write feature is used to update many different slave devices with data that represents PID output, analog inputs, or another value that needs to stay current inside of the slave devices. In the random read/write mode, the DirectLogic 405 RX/WX instructions are used to trigger Modbus writes and reads. If simple startup and configuration modes are important, then the RX/WX random reads and writes provide an applicable option. The random reads and writes would typically be used at any point that the reads and writes are event driven.

The F4-MAS-MB master module has a total weight of 0.75 lbs. or 0.34 kg.

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