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F4-CP128-1 CoProcessor Module


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F4-CP128-1 CoProcessor Module




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Product Description

The F4-CP128-1 CoProcessor Module contains 3 ports. Port 1 is a RS-232/422/485, 115.2 Kbaud maximum, Port 2 is a RS-232/422/485, 57.6 Kbaud maximum, and Port 3 is a RS-232, 19.2 Kbaud maximum. The module contains 9 pin D-sub connectors for port 1 and port 2. Port 3 uses electrical connections from port 1.

The F4-CP128-1 CoProcessor Module consumes 305 mA amperage at 5VDC. The device must be used in an environment between 0ºC and 60ºC (32ºF–140ºF) temperature. The humidity must be between 5% and 95% humidity (non-condensing).

Up to eight can be installed per DL405. You can install the F4-CP128-1 CoProcessor Module in any I/O slot. To configure the device to use all serial ports, use port 1 or port 2.  This enable you to avoid switching cables.

To store multiple programs use the 128K bytes of non-volatile memory.



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