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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct D4-450 CPU Module 110/220 VAC DL405


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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct D4-450 CPU Module 110/220 VAC DL405



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Product Description

The Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo D4-450 is a central processing unit (CPU) module. A member of the DirectLogic 405 series, this module is designed to interface with programmable logic controllers from the same series. An AC powered device, the module can accept both 110 and 220 VAC. An integrated 7.5K of flash memory is available with this device, with extra memory expansion available.

An advanced module, D4-450 offers a number of desirable communications options. Port 0 offers a 15 pin programming port capable of inputting RS232 connections with a 9600 baud. The next connection, Port 1, is a general purpose RS232/422 port accepting a 25 pin connector. Baud rates for Port 1 are selectable up to 38.4K baud using the included software. The software allows the user to select from a number of protocols including K-sequence, DirectNET master/slave, and ASCII out. Port 2 features a phone jack programming port capable of accepting RS232 inputs with a user selectable baud rate. DirectSOFT, DV-1000, and other operator interfaces are accepted with this port. The final port features a 25 pin connector. Port 3 is a general purpose port capable of inputting RS232/422/485 connections with software selectable baud rates. Scans of the module are selectable, allowing for easier interfacing with high speed machine controls. Selectable scan options include variable, limited, and fixed. The module is completed with a CPU keyswitch and six status indicators.

Damage to the device can be prevented by following all storage and installation parameters. Detailed graphics depicting proper wiring and installation techniques are available in the series manual and device datasheet. Technical support for this device was originally provided by the manufacturers, Automation Direct and Koyo.

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