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D4-16SIM Input Simulator Module


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D4-16SIM Input Simulator Module



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Product Description

The D4-16SIM  Input Simulator Module contains 8 or 16 (selectable) inputs.

Use the D4-16SIM for application simulation and testing. It also provides an inexpensive local interface to the PLC.  It can also be used for program development or testing.

You can select 8 or 16 inputs through switches on the rear of the module. You can also perform other configuration tasks from the switches. The position of the switches is indicated by the LED indicators above the switches. 5V 150 mA maximum is the power requirement. The module does not contain a terminal. The weight is 8.8 oz. (250 g).

Each point on the module has a logic side indicator.The on or off status of the indicator reflects the status of the point with respect to the CPU. If you suspect that the module has failed, replace it, if you have a spare. This is an effective method of troubleshooting.  If you suspect another device to have caused the failure in the module, that device might cause the same failure in the replacement module as well.

Logic side indicators are provided for each point. Use the indicators for troubleshooting the point. It indicates the condition of the point and the associated CPU. You might need to replace other components even if the LED indicates a problem with the point.

Also, check for electrical interference. Interference can enter from an attached wire or through other means, for example,  over the air interference.


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