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D4-16NA-1 220 VAC Input Module


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D4-16NA-1 220 VAC Input Module



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Product Description

The D4-16NA-1 unit is an input module that was AutomationDirect was responsible for developing and manufacturing. The D4-16NA-1 input module continues to be stocked here at AX Control. If you are interested in buying the D4-16NA-1 input module from AX Control, then you can contact us today. By giving us a call or sending us an email, you can speak to a sales representative who will tell you the availability of the D4-16NA-1 input module, help you in determining if it is the right product for your facility, and aid you in purchasing it with us.

The D4-16NA-1 input module is a revision on the D4-16NA input module. The D4-16NA-1 input module offers improved specifications, such as a higher voltage and input voltage range. However, if you facility requires the D4-16NA input module instead, you can find it also listed on AX Control’s website by clicking the link above.

The D4-16NA-1 input module has 16 inputs and 2 isolated commons. As far as the voltage levels go for the D4-16NA-1 input module, the input voltage range is set between 187 and 238 VAC, the peak voltage is 265 VAC, the ON voltage level is >150 V, and the OFF voltage level is <40 V. The input impedance is set to 22 kiloOhms and the input current is 10.0 mA at 220 VAC. The D4-16NA-1 input module is outfitted with logic side status indicators, which illuminate when the particular status that it is responsible for is tripped.

The D4-16NA-1 input module weighs approximately 0.58 lbs. or 0.26 kg. This total does not include any of the packaging materials that we include with every shipment.

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