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D4-08NA 110-220VAC Input Module


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D4-08NA 110-220VAC Input Module



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Product Description

The D4-08NA 110-220VAC Input Module contains 8 inputs. The D4-08NA is a 110-220VAC input module. The input voltage range is 80-265VAC 47-63 Hz and the input current is 8.5 mA at 100VAC and 20 mA at 230VAC. The module contains 2 commons (isolated) and 4 points per common. The peak voltage is 265VAC. The module contains a removable terminal block.

The base power required for 5V is 100 mA maximum. The model does not supply auxiliary 24 VDC. The weight is 8.5 oz. (240g). The operating temperature is 32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C). The operating humidity is  5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).

The D4-08NA 110-220VAC Input Module enables monitoring and control of ON/OFF signals for use with devices, such as motor starters, power relays, and pumps.

Each point on the module has a logic side indicator.The on or off status of the indicator reflects the status of the point with respect to the CPU. If the indicator LED is on, the input circuitry is operating properly. Verify the LED goes off when the input signal is removed.

If you suspect that the module has failed, replace it, if you have a spare. This is an effective method of troubleshooting.  If you suspect another device to have caused the failure in the module, that device might cause the same failure in the replacement module as well.

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