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D4-08B-1 I/O Base


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D4-08B-1 I/O Base



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Product Description

The D4-08B-1 I/O Base contains 8 slots for I/O devices and other types of devices. The module enables you to add selected specialty modules to the expansion base. You must replace the CPU base and all other expansion bases to add the speciality modules.  You can add the module to older systems, but you cannot add the speciality modules to the system.

The operating environment is 32°F - 140°F (0° to 60°C). The ambient humidity is 30% - 95% relative humidity (non-condensing). The environment requirements is no corrosive gases. The 5V current requires 80 mA. The model does not supply auxiliary 24 VDC. The weight is 34.9 oz (990g).

Consider the following information about the D4-08B-1 I/O Base.

  • Only the DL450 type CPU (in the local base) can communicate with a specialty module installed in the D4-08B-1.

  • The D4-08B-1 is designed to support the data signals used in communicating with a specialty I/O across bases.

  • You can connect the D4-08B-1 to the older DL430 and DL440 CPUs, but the CPU are unable to communicate with the speciality I/O modules in the expansion modules.

  • You can mix standard bases with the D4-08B-1 in a system, but no speciality I/O modules can communicate with the CPU (the standard bases do not pass through the specialty I/O signals on the expansion connectors).

If you plan to design a new DL450 CPU-based system, consider using the expansion bases that support the speciality modules, such as the D4-08B-1, so you can add specialty modules in any base at a later time.


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