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D4-06B-1 I/O Base


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D4-06B-1 I/O Base



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Product Description

The D4-06B-1 unit is an I/O base that AutomationDirect created and manufactured to be included as part of their DirectLOGIC 405 series. The D4-06B-1 I/O base is continually being stocked here at AX Control. To place your order or to ask any questions about the D4-06B-1 I/O base, please give us a call or send us an email. Our sales representatives are happy to help.

The D4-06B-1 I/O base has six slots available for use. These six slots are labeled 0 through 5. Next to these slots, you will see a port that is labeled as the “CPU” port. There are two female connectors located on the farthest left part of the board.

Be sure that the environment you are installing the D4-06B-1 I/O base in is acceptable. It must be clear of any corrosive gases and debris. The storage temperature must be between -4 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit, the ambient operating temperature must be between 32 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ambient humidity must be between 30% and 95%.

At the beginning of the DirectLOGIC 405 series’ production, the systems were limited. They only accepted specialty modules within the local CPU base. To rectify this, the -1 I/O bases, which includes the D4-06B-1 I/O base, must be used in conjunction with the D4-454 CPU. Please note that if you are updating your old DirectLOGIC 405 system, then simply purchasing the D4-06B-1 I/O base is not enough. For proper updating procedures, you must also replace the CPU base and all other expansion bases.

The D4-06B-1 I/O base weighs about 1.76 lbs. or 0.80 kg.

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