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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-RTU-1 Basic CPU Module DL305


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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-RTU-1 Basic CPU Module DL305



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Product Description

The Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo F3-RTU-1 is a basic central processing unit (CPU) module. A member of the DirectLogic 305 series, the device is designed to interface with DL305 programmable logic controllers. This specialty CPU offers the user a dynamic and flexible PLC operating experience. When installed, the module allows user written programs to be stored and executed using the FACTS extended BASIC software. MODBUS RTU and other advanced communications methods are supported with this module, including the ability to read and write I/O without the BASIC program.

F3-RTU-1 features a number of integrated system items to deliver the best user experience. A 128K, battery backed RAM provides ample space for program storing and execution. The 26 Mhz processor allows for quick execution with little to no lag time. Two RS232C/422/485 selectable ports complete the faceplate of the module. Port 1 can be controlled using BASIC programming, while Port 2 features more advanced methods. The second port is controllable using BASIC, MODBUS RTU, or a DYNAMIC protocol. One of these RTU modules is capable of controlling up to 184 I/O points.

Following all installation and storage parameters helps to maintain the integrity of the module. A controlled climate is the ideal environment for F3-RTU-1. When operating, ambient temperatures can safely range from 0℃ to 60℃, or 32℉ to 140℉. If the device is not in use, temperatures should still be monitored. Temperatures can safely fall as low as -20℃, or -4℉, and raise as high as 70℃, or 158℉ while the device is in storage. Refer to the corresponding series manual and device datasheet for all installation and wiring instructions. Technical support for this module was provided by the original manufacturers, Automation Direct and Facts Engineering.

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