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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-PMUX-1 Specialty Bridge CPU DL305


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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-PMUX-1 Specialty Bridge CPU DL305



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Product Description

F3-PMUX-1 is a specialty central processing unit (CPU) module designed by Automation Direct, Facts Engineering, and Koyo. A member of the DirectLogic 305 series, it is designed to interface with logic controllers and modules from the same series. Only two modules do not support the device, D3-HSC and D3-12DA. When installed in a PLC, the module allows for it to perform unconventional functions. These include allowing a computer to control the I/O as well as allow for unusual programming platforms.

A parallel interface system, F3-PMUX-1 relies on a host computer for all programming and execution functions. A required PAMUX communication board must be installed into the host computer for the module to operate. This board can be purchased separately as OPTO 22 part number AC28 or equivalent. This board allows the user to utilize a PAMUX communication driver in the host’s software. Functionality for the device is similar to that of the OMUX specialty CPUs. The host computer programs all information for the module and ensures that it is executed properly. The integrated 26 MHz processor allows for optimal device output. The face of the module features a 50-pin cable connector, creating a hardwire connection for the parallel communication.

Be sure to follow all storage and installation parameters, as these will maintain the module. F3-PMUX-1 should be installed in the first slot of the selected controller. This slot on the PLC is designed to house the CPU module unit. Once installed, ambient operating temperatures should be monitored to preserve the device. Safe operating conditions range between 0℃ and 60℃, or 32℉ and 140℉. A complete guide to installing the module is available in the series manual and on the device datasheet. Original technical support for this device was provided by the manufacturers.

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F3-PMUX-1 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting