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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-AB128 ASCII/BASIC Module


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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct F3-AB128 ASCII/BASIC Module



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Product Description

F3-AB128 is an ASCII BASIC module developed by Automation Direct, Facts Engineering, and Koyo. A member of the DirectLogic 305 series, this module is capable of interfacing with logic controllers from the same series and different serial devices. This module supports a number of intelligent peripheral devices, including bar code readers, welders, and almost any device with a RS232C/422/485 port. Three ports are on the terminal, allowing for simultaneous communication with connected devices.

An I/O module, F3-AB128 contains an integrated 16 MHz processor to execute programming separate from the PLC’s CPU. An included FACTS extended BASIC and ABM commander for Windows allows users to quickly program the module for optimal operation. Various programs can be stored and executed with the 128K of available memory. The system was also designed to solve complex math problems, including exponential, powers, and square roots. For hardwire communications, three ports are available on the module. The first port is a RS232C/422/485 selectable with a maximum baud rate of 57.6K baud. Ports two and three are both RS232C ports with maximum baud rates of 9600 baud.

Following all installation and storage parameters prevents unnecessary damages to the module. When operating, monitoring ambient temperatures is integral in protecting the device. Temperatures of the facility can safely fall as low as 0℃, or 32℉, and raise as high as 60℃, or 140℉. F3-AB128 is not supported by D3-350 CPU, so be sure to have a different model in the unit. Please refer to the series manual and device datasheet for complete installation and wiring instructions. Technical support for this device was originally provided by the manufacturers, Automation Direct and Facts Engineering.

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