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DL305 RLL PLUS Handheld Programmer


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DL305 RLL PLUS Handheld Programmer



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Product Description

The DL305 RLL PLUS Handheld Programmer is an Automation Direct product. In a collaboration between Koyo and PLC Direct, the programmer became actualised. The device can enter and change small programs using instruction mnemonics. If the user has issues within their system, another purpose of the programmer is to give the user the power to do individual I/O point diagnostics. Last, the programmer allows the user the ability to do on-site program and system changes while the device is in-use.

The DL305 RLL PLUS Handheld Programmer come with an LED Display for system option. The LED display comes with both instruction LED's and CPU status LED's. There is also address and data display functionality on the device. This display shows the timers and counter for the connected devices. On this display, there is a 16 point spread for I/O diagnostics. There is also a four digit display to show the numerical values and special messages coming from the connected device. To manipulate the system, the user will use the 20 separate keys and keyswitch to adjust settings.

The programmer is mountable onto CPU's and has the dimensions 5.7 x 1.2 x 4.65. You can use an attachable cassette tape interface to save and transfer data. The CPU to cassette transfer speed is 75 seconds.

The searchable product number of the DL305 RLL PLUS Handheld Programmer is D3-HPP. The product number of the instruction booklet is the D3-HP-M manual. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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