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DL305 Standard Edition CPU with Three Control Modes


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DL305 Standard Edition CPU with Three Control Modes



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Product Description

The DL305 Standard Edition CPU is from the Automation Direct company . While it is an Automation Direct's product, the CPU is the result of Koyo and PLC Direct. The operating temperature of the device is between 0 to 55 degrees Celsius. To keep it stored in a safe manner, the room should stay between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius. The device also comes with LED status indicators that allow the user to check and understand the issues with the system. There are process variable, rate of change, and deviation alarms within the system also. The I/O connection of the device have remote control abilities. Other control modes are the auto, manual, and cascade modes.

For the DL305 Standard Edition CPU to function well, you must have DirectSOFT programming software version 2.3. The system also has V-memory which gives ease-of-access to operator interface and HMIs. There is also a ladder memory system that allows the user to manipulate separate data. The is 7.6K words of ladder memory within the system. There is 14.8k words in the CPU total.

There is a both an RS-232C and a RS-232C/422 port on the CPU. There is a slave protocol on the first port and both a slave/master and MODBUS RTU protocol. Also, there are 144 Local I/O points and an expander can be added to add 368 expansion I/O points.

The searchable product number of the  DL305 Standard Edition CPU  is D3-350. The product number of the instruction booklet is the D3-350-M manual. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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