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RS232C Communication Port Unit


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RS232C Communication Port Unit



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Product Description

Automation Direct created the RS232C Communication Port Unit as part of its communication port family. Koyo was the primary company in charge of designing and manufacturing the product. The unit type for this communication port is intelligent. The purpose of the communication unit is to give the user the power to connect systems. The first type of connection is device to device. Device to device connection is for communication between master and slave devices. There is also device to network connections that allows for the user to connect to the DirectNET Network. The DeviceNet protocol lets the user download and upload system data.  

The main part of the RS232C Communication Port Unit is the RS-232C Port. Depending on the setting that the user chooses, the port has a Baud rate that can span from 300 to 19.5k.  The user can choose between having odd or no parity. Parity is a system, by which, the device do check with the data to see if there are errors.  The user can also choose to put the system in hex or ASCII mode.

The internal power consumption of the of the unit is 500 mA from 5VDC. To receive power to the system the user must direct power from either the base or an external power supply.

The searchable product number of the RS232C Communication Port Unit is D3-232-DCU. The product number of the instruction booklet is the D3-DCU-M manual. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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