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D3-16ND2F Fast Response Input Module


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D3-16ND2F Fast Response Input Module



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Product Description

The D3-16ND2F model was designed and manufactured by AutomationDirect to be a Fast Response Input module that is compatible with their DirectLOGIC 305 series of PLCs. The D3-16ND2F input module can regularly be seen in AX Control’s stock. If you are interested in need of a D3-16ND2F input module for your facility, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email or by phone, whichever is more convenient for you.

The D3-16ND2F input module has 2 commons that are internally connected and 16 current sourcing inputs. The internally supplied input voltage has a range of 18 through 36 VDC. The peak voltage is 36 VDC. When the D3-16ND2F input module is powered ON, the voltage level is >19 Volts, but when the D3-16ND2F input module is turned OFF, the voltage level is <13 Volts. The input current is set to be a maximum of 20 mA and the input impedance is set to be 18 kiloOhms.

The D3-16ND2F input module has removable terminals as well as convenient status indicators that are field side. The removable terminals make the D3-16ND2F input module a very flexible machine, since it can be customized to the user’s needs.

The D3-16ND2F input module has a weight of approximately 0.39 lbs. or 0.18 kg. Please be aware that this total does not add in any of the packaging materials that we include in our shipments, which have the ability to add a small amount of weight. These packaging materials were created as a means to protect your order from any accidents that have the possibility of occurring while the package is being shipped.

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