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D3-08B-1 I/O Base


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D3-08B-1 I/O Base



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Product Description

The D3-08B-1 I/O Base contains 8 slots for I/O devices, and other types of devices. The D3-08B-1 can support one CPU base and one expansion base. The D3-08B-1 is a 8-slot I/O base and the expansion bases must be a 5-slot or 8-slot expansion bases.  The input voltage range is 85-264VAC 47–63 Hz and the base power consumption is 85 VA maximum. The maximum inrush current maximum is 30A 1ms. Dielectric strength is 1500VAC for one minute between terminals of AC power supply, run output, common, and 24VDC.

The power supply output (voltage ranges and ripple) is (5VDC) 4.75-5.25V with 5% ripple, (9VDC) 8.5-10V with 5% ripple, and (24VDC) 20-28V with 5% ripple. The 5 VDC current supplied is 1.0 A. The 9 VDC current supplied is 2.0A. The 24 VDC current supplied is 0.5A. The auxiliary 24 VDC output is 100mA maximum.

The fuse requirement is 2A (250V) non-replaceable.  The dimensions are 15.55 W x 4.85 H x 4.41 D in. (395x123x112 mm). The weight is 44oz.(1250g). The operating temperature is 32° F to 140° F (0° C to 60° C). The operating humidity is  5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing). The D3-08B-1 supplies 1400 mA at 5V, 1700 mA at 9V, and 600 mA at 24V. The model supplies auxiliary 24 VDC output at the base terminal.


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