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H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module


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H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module



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Product Description

The H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module comes pre-loaded from the factory with the Windows CE operating system and Think & Do runtime software.

The H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module supports the 10BaseT (twisted pair, copper wire) Ethernet standard. The H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module connects to the network using a standard RJ45 modular connector. The RJ12 RS232C serial port provides serial communication to an operator-interface device or other serial device. Install the H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module in the CPU slot on the DL205 base.  It communicates across the backplane to the input and output modules.

The front of the H2-WPLC3-EN WinPLC Module  contains status indicators.

POWER and RUN The behavior  of these indicators depend on the control software you are using.

LINK When green, the module is properly connected to the network and flashes when activity occurs.

ACT Red or flashing red indicates active network data.

ERROR When red, or flashing red, a hardware error has occurred.

The Workbench tool is used to configure the H2-WPLC3-EN. It is also used to load new ROM images on the WinPLC. Use Workbench with a new WinPLC to set up the IP address. Use Workbench to troubleshoot problems and to verify that the WinPLC and associated I/O are functioning properly.

First, you configure the laptop, desktop, or other device to use the Workbench tool. The first step is to copy Workbench on the laptop, desktop, or other device. It is important to make sure the device has TCP/IP and IPX/SPC installed.

Then, use Workbench to set up TCP/IP Communications, discrete input modules, discrete output module, analog input module, and analog output modules.


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