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H2-WPLC2 WinPLC Module


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H2-WPLC2 WinPLC Module



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Product Description

The H2-WPLC2 module is a PLC processor module that was designed and produced by Automation Direct, although it was also manufactured under the name Host Automation. The H2-WPLC2 module continues to be stocked by AX Control, even though the original manufacturer no longer stocks it new. However, AX Control may have the H2-WPLC2 module as a new product in stock today. Contact us today by phone or email to talk to a sales representative, who can tell you if the product is available and help you in determining if it is the best option for your facility.

The H2-WPLC2 PLC processor module has a processor speed of 100 MHz and a power consumption rating of 680 mA at 5 VDC. 

The H2-WPLC2 module is powered by Microsoft Windows CE. By using this operating system, you can access the WinPLC Workbench, which is used to configure and utilize the WinPLC I/O system. In addition to that, you can use the WinPLC I/O system as a means to upload new ROM images onto the WinPLC and set the WinPLC’s own IP address. To configure the WinPLC, make sure that you have TCP/IP and IPX/SPC protocols installed. Then, you must copy the Workbench files directly onto a directory that is located in the files on your PC. You will also want to direct connect the WinPLC while using an applicable cross over cable. In addition to that, you will need to configure the WinPLC module so that you can easily power cycle when needed.

The H2-WPLC2 module weighs about  0.10 lbs. or 0.045 kg., without the packaging materials that is included in AX Control shipments.

AX Control Warranty Info

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