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H2-WPLC1 WinPLC Module


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H2-WPLC1 WinPLC Module



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Product Description

The H2-WPLC1 module is a WinPLC processor module that AutomationDirect was responsible for designing and manufacturing to be part of the DirectLOGIC 205 series. The H2-WPLC1 processor module is continually stocked here at AX Control. If you are interested in purchasing the H2-WPLC1 processor module from AX Control, you can give us a call or send us an email today. We are always prepared to help you with your facility.

The H2-WPLC1 processor module is an open platform CPU that runs using the Windows CE operating system. It is designed to plug directly into CPU slot that is located on the base of the DirectLOGIC 205 system. By doing this, the H2-WPLC1 processor module is enabled to communicate across the backplane to analog input, standard digital, and output modules. 

The Windows CE operating system is installed within the module and therefore it does not require any sort of battery backup processes. This operating system enables the H2-WPLC1 processor module to embed systems in many different kinds of applications, making it a flexible piece of hardware. In addition to that, it can run a variety of PC based control software as well as Visual Basic and Visual C programs.

On the front of the H2-WPLC1 processor module, you will find four LED status indicator lights, including frequent updates on the status of the input and output ports. In addition to that, there are two ports on the front: one RS232C serial communications port and another Ethernet 10BaseT port. On the inside, you will see the large battery and multiple DIP switches.

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