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H2-PBC Profibus Slave Base Controller Module


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H2-PBC Profibus Slave Base Controller Module



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Product Description

The front of the H2-PBC Profibus Slave Base Controller Module provides status indicators.

STATUS When lit, powerup check passed.

ACTIVE When lit, module is connected to a network.

TOKEN When lit, the configuration is stable and running.

ERROR When lit, watchdog timer timeout occurred.

Configuration of the H2-PBC is performed as part of the configuration of the Profibus master controller.  A General Station Description (GSD) file comes with the module. The configuration tool supplied with the master controller reads the file during configuration and extracts information for the configuration. Tasks performed during configuration include the following.

  1. Set the module node address.

  2. Configure the Profibus master.

  3. Add the GSD configuration file.

  4. Commission the node.

  5. Scan the I/O.

  6. View the LED indicators on the H2-PBC mode.

The operating temperature is 32℉ to 131℉ (0℃ to 55℃). The segment distance is 100 meters (327 feet) to 10,000 meters (32786 feet). The environmental air requirements are: no corrosive gases, pollution level = 2 (UL 840). The selectable baud rate range is 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps.

Profibus (Process Field Bus) is a vendor-independent, open field bus standard that is supported by leading manufacturers of automation products. Communication to Profibus networks is provided by a RS-485 connection through a 9-pin D-sub connector on the front of the H2-PBC module. An RS-232C port with a RJ12 connector is dedicated to firmware upgrades only.


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