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H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller


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H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller




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Product Description

The CPU slot on the base module is used for installation of the  Ethernet Base Controller.  The backplane serves as the means of communication between the base module and the H2-EBC100.

The H2-EBC100 Ethernet Base Controller connects to the network using a standard RJ45 modular connector through a twisted-pair wire.The RJ12 RS232C serial port provides serial communication to many devices that contain a serial port.

Status indicators are on the front of the module.

STATUS The H2-EBC100 is receiving power and is working properly. .

LINKGD The network connection is available and working.

ACTIVE The data network is active.  

ERROR An error is indicated to have occured.  

100MBIT Ethernet data at 100BaseT frequency is active.

SER TXD Data is transmitting through the serial port.

SER RXD The serial port is receiving data.

The NetEdit3 software is used to setup  the H2-EBC100 module. Use it to configure the Module ID or IP Address, troubleshoot, and perform software upgrades. The DIP switches can also assign a module ID.

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