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H2-CTRIO High-Speed Counter Module


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H2-CTRIO High-Speed Counter Module



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Product Description

The H2-CTRIO was a Counter Module created by Direct Logic. It may have also been sold by Automation Direct and PLC Direct depending on when it was created. This part is no longer being made by the manufacturers and can no longer be purchased new from the OEM. AX Control does maintain this module as a new surplus or reconditioned part.

The H2-CTRIO was a high-speed, 36VDC Counter Module. It was included in the DL205 High-Speed Counter I/O Module series. This module was created to work with encoders and other devices that have the ability to send out a pulse output. This device had the capability to use encoder input to use high-speed-cut-to-length operations. It can control a steeper or a servo drive by using indexing functions. It can control functions that show the level and flow of the drive and it can count frequencies for speed control.

This module is made for Class 1, Division 2, and Groups A-D.  This device has several LED Indicator lights on it labeled OK, ER, 1A, 2A, 0, 1, 2, and 3. It has an input rating of 9-30 VDCs and an output of 5-36 VDCs. It is also rated as 1.0Amax per point. This device has +24 VDC outputs.

You can use the H2-CTRIO with other modules that can be placed in the same enclosure as long as they have an adequate power budget going to the backplate.

For more information on the H2-CTRIO and other DirectLogic parts associated with it, please consult the specific DirectLogic datasheets dedicated to this device.

AX Control Warranty Info

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H2-CTRIO Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting