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F2-08TRS Relay Output Module


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F2-08TRS Relay Output Module



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Product Description

The F2-08TRS Relay Output Module can be installed in any slot of a DL205 PLC system. The F2-08TRS can be placed in CPU slots, local expansion base slots, or a remote I/O base slot.

Use the F2-08TRS Relay Output Module where loads are common that require higher currents than the solid-state outputs can deliver and where some output channels need isolation from other outputs.

The outputs per module of the F2-08TRS is 8.  The commons per module is 8 (Isolated) and the output type is 3, Form C (SPDT) and 5, Form A (SPST normally open). The operating voltage for the F2-08TRS is 7A at 12–28 VDC, 12–250 VAC 0.5A at 120VDC. The peak voltage is 150VDC, 265VAC. The AC frequency is 47 to 63 Hz. Also, the minimum load current for the F2-08TRS is 10mA at12VDC.

The base power requirement for the F2-08TRS Relay Output Module at 5VDC is 670mA. The maximum load current (resistive) is 7A per point (subject to derating). Note that closed contacts have 1/2 the current handling capability of the normally open contacts.

The weight of the F2-08TRS Relay Output Module is 5.5 oz and no fuses are required. 8 output I/O points are required for each F2-08TRS Relay Output Module and the power consumption is 670 mA at 5V.

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