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F2-04THM, 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module


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F2-04THM, 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module



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Product Description

The F2-04THM, 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module contains four thermocouple input channels with 0.1℉ temperature resolution. The F2-04THM, 4-Channel Thermocouple Input Module contains features to improve reliability, usability, and flexibility.

  • The module can be configured to show the temperature in ℃ or ℉.

  • Data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is used for temperature calculation and linearization.

  • Detection of thermocouple burnout or disconnection are some of the diagnostic features.

  • Automatic cold junction compensation, thermocouple linearization, and digital filtering are some of the signal processing features the module contains.

The F2-04THM, 4-Channel Thermocouple  Input Module is a 4-channel analog resistive temperature detector input module. The number of channels is 4 differential inputs. The resolution is 16 bit (1 in 65535). The power budget requirement is 110mA maximum, 18-26.4 VDC. The environmental air requirement is no corrosive gases permitted.  The operating temperature is 0-60°C (32-140°F). The relative humidity 5–95% (non-condensing).

The PLC update rate is 4 channels per scan maximum using DL240 and DL250 with 1/260 CPU. 1 channel per scan, maximum using the DL230 CPU. The common mode range ±5VDC. Consider that if a DL230 CPU is used and if the module is placed so the input points do not start on a V-memory boundary, the instructions cannot access the data.

When wiring the F2-02DA-1L Analog Output module, consider the following information.

  • Use the shortest wiring route.

  • Be sure to use shielded wiring and ground the shield at the transmitter source.

  • To avoid electrical noise, keep away from large motors, high current switches and transformers when planning the wiring route.

  • To avoid damage, route the wires through approved cable housing only. Follow all applicable codes to select the correct housing.


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