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F2-04RTD, 4-Channel RTD Input Module


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F2-04RTD, 4-Channel RTD Input Module



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Product Description

The F2-04RTD is a Resistive Temperature Detector Input Module created by Direct Logic. This product may have also been produced and distributed by Automation Direct depending on what year it was created. 

The F2-04RTD is a 4-channel, 16-Bit resolution Input Module. This module is part of the DL205 PLC series of input modules. This module has several standard features including, but not limited to, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature expression and calculation,  and short circuit detection. This module needs to recalibrate every five seconds which allows it to ignore any temperature irregularities. This module is meant to be used in temperatures between 0-60 degrees Celsius.

It is suggested that you use the shortest shield wiring whenever possible to prevent any type of wear and tear on the wiring. It is also important to separate the wiring using appropriate housing to prevent any type of signal noise.

The F2-04RTD has specific input and placement requirements that are detailed in the user manual created by Direct Logic.  Please review this documentation before installing or altering this Input Module. Only a trained professional should install or make alterations to this device to prevent personal injury or damage to the F2-04RTD.

AX Control offers speedy shipping when this item is in stock. For a price quote for the F2-04RTD, please contact one of our representatives via phone or email. Please email or call us today if you need a quick repair of your F2-04RTD. If you have any questions about the compatibility of the F2-04RTD with your current system, please let us know. We are here to help make your repair work run as smooth as possible.

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