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F2-02DA-2 Analog Voltage Output Voltage Module


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F2-02DA-2 Analog Voltage Output Voltage Module



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Product Description

Created and manufactured by AutomationDirect to be a compatible product with DirectLOGIC 205 series systems, the F2-02DA-2 module is a 2-channel analog voltage output module. If you are looking to purchase the F2-02DA-2 output module, look no further than AX Control. Here at AX Control, we typically have the F2-02DA-2 output module in stock. Please give us a call to check on the availability of and place an order for the F2-02DA-2 output module.

The F2-02DA-2 output module is a unit that is optically isolated from the PLC logic and has a removable terminal block so that the module can be easily changed without disconnecting any of the wiring setup. It requires sixteen output points. In addition to that, the F2-02DA-2 output module has the ability to be installed into any slot that the DirectLOGIC 205 PLC system has.

When you are installing the F2-02DA-2 output module, be sure to follow proper wiring guidelines. In general, you will want to use basic safety measures to ensure no serious injury or mechanical faults occur. Be sure that you do not run the signal wiring setup next to large-sized motors, switches with high currents, and transformers, as this will cause unnecessary noise issues. Whenever possible you will want to use the shortest wiring route you can take to avoid any unneeded complications. Also, be sure to use shielded wiring and ground this shield at the source of the transmitter. Lastly, be sure to route the wiring through an appropriate cable housing, as this will reduce the risk of any accidental damage.

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