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F2-02DA-1 Analog Output Module


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F2-02DA-1 Analog Output Module



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Product Description

The F2-02DA-1 Analog Output Module can be installed in any slot of a DL240 module or DL250 module. Placement is determined by the available power budget and discrete I/O points.

The F2-02DA-1 Analog Output module contains valuable hardware features.

  • The module optically isolates outputs from the PLC to improve signal quality.

  • For improved usability and portability, the terminal block is easily removable to ensure the F2-02DA-1 Analog Output module is easily removable without disconnecting wiring.  

  • If a DL250-1 or a DL260 CPU is used in the DL205 PLC, both channels can be updated in one scan.

  • The low-power CMOS design requires less than 60mA from an external 24VDC power supply.

The F2-02DA-1 Analog Output Module is a 2 channel analog output module. The output range is 4-20 mA. The peak output voltage is 40 VDC. The number of channels is 2. The resolution is 12 bit (1 in 4096). The external power supply requirement is 60mA. The environmental air requirement is no corrosive gases permitted.  The operating temperature 0–60°C (32–140°F). The relative humidity 5–95% (non-condensing).

The PLC update rate is 1 channel per scan maximum for the D2-230 CPU and  2 channels per scan maximum for the D2-240/250-1/260 CPUs.

The output points required is 12 binary data bits, 2 channel ID bits 16 (Y) output points.

When wiring the F2-02DA-1 Analog Output module, consider the following information.

  • Use the shortest wiring route.

  • Be sure to use shielded wiring and ground the shield at the transmitter source.

  • To avoid electrical noise, keep away from large motors, high current switches and transformers when planning the wiring route.

  • To avoid damage, route the wires through approved cable housing only. Follow all applicable codes to select the correct housing.

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