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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct D2-260 CPU Module DL205


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Automation Direct Facts Engineering Koyo PLC Direct D2-260 CPU Module DL205



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Product Description

D2-260 is a central processing unit (CPU) module developed by Automation Direct, Facts Engineering, and Koyo. It is the most powerful CPU module developed for the DirectLogic 205 series of programmable logic controllers. Packed with the capabilities of the other CPU modules, D2-260 offers advanced communication and expansion options. Local I/O expansion is available, capable of supporting up to five total bases. The module also possesses the ability to process up to sixteen PID loops directly. The largest available system memory, the module is able to store 30.4K words, with 15,872 words of Flash programming ladder memory. Additional storage for critical data is found in the integrated V-memory system.

The module supports over 280 complex instruction sequences, with the ability to drastically minimize programming time. Instruction sequences supported by D2-260 include trigonometric functions, table instructions, and ASCII In/Out instructions. Four LED indicator lights are found at the top of the module, each representing either RUN, PWR, CPU, and BATT. A user selectable mode switch offers the ability to have the CPU run, have peripheral devices selected the CPU’s mode, or to force stop the CPU. Port one features a 6P6C phone jack connector RS-232 hookup. Port 2 is a HD15 connector allowing RS-232 and RS-422 connections. To program the module, be sure to have DirectSOFT version 4.0 or higher. If using a peripheral handheld programmer, have version 2.10 of the firmware installed.

Maintaining the integrity of D2-260 is dependent upon following proper storage and installation parameters. Wiring diagrams and other installation information can be found in the DirectLogic 205 series manual. Technical support for this module was originally provided by the manufacturer. Refer to the device manual and datasheet for a complete guide to installing and operating the module.

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