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DL205 4 Slot DC Base


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DL205 4 Slot DC Base



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Product Description

This DL205 4 Slot DC Base is a product commissioned by Automation Direct and was made in collaboration by Koyo and PLC Direct. One of the slots is meant to be a CPU slot. This base is compatible with H2-DM1 and H2-DM1E Do-More CPUs. The base’s purpose is to be a safe, orderly device that the user can connect a system of modules. The base can resist noise pollution thanks to the built-in NEMA structure. The base and the modules that can attach to it have indicator lights to warn the user of problems. For safe storage, The device should stay in a room that is between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius. The ambient temperature that the device must stay in is between 0 and 55 degrees Celsius. The dimensions of the drive are 7.99 x 3.54 x 2.95 and weighs 354g. The device is also mountable and is free to be placed anywhere. 

The DL205 4 Slot DC Base runs on a DC power supply. There is a 25W maximum on the electric power consumption that the device can manage. The inrush current should not exceed 10 amps at any given time. The input power type of the device is 12/24 VDC. The base's input voltage range volleys between 10.2 and 28.8 VDC. The DL205 4 Slot DC Base does not have an auxiliary 24 VDC output because the module is already running on VDC power.

The module is listed as D2-04BDC1-1 and the D2–USER–M Manual assists the user in making the machine function properly. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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