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10 AC Input, 8 Relay Output DL105


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10 AC Input, 8 Relay Output DL105



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Product Description

Automation Direct created the 10 AC Input, 8 Relay Output DL105 Devicenet Slave to join its line of products. Facts engineering, Koyo, and PLC Direct worked together to create the device for Automation Direct. -20 to 70 degrees Celsius, is the ideal ambient temperature for the module to stay in. The case also has a noise immunity provided by its NEMA enclosure. This drive has the dimensions of 5.12 x 3.16 x 3.63. The module can be mountable and can be put anywhere. There is a detachable connector that gives the user more flexibility. Having a D2-HPP programmer allows for a better user experience with the module. The system comes with advanced diagnostics that help assess and debug the module.

The 10 AC Input, 8 Relay Output DL105 Devicenet Slave has a 2.4K retentive memory that stores data and information. This memory uses a ladder structure to allow for individual data to be manipulated. The Boolean instructions use words and codes to trigger reactions within the ladder memory. The system also has a built in EEPROM memory features.

This 10 AC Input, 8 Relay Output DL105 Devicenet Slave has 10 AC inputs and 8 relay outputs. This module can also have the ability to connect 64 nodes onto a singular network. The module has DirectSOFT programming software that functions as the primary way to interact with the system.  This system has extra features like forced I/O, timer/event drum sequencer, and RLL diagram-style programming.

The module is listed as F1-DVNET-AR and the F1-DVNET-M Manual assists the user in making the machine function properly. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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