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Handheld Programmer Upgrade Tool


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Handheld Programmer Upgrade Tool



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Product Description

The Handheld Programmer Upgrade Tool was created by Automation Direct. This part is an upgrading tool that allows the user to upgrade the D2-HPP's firmware. This upgrade will allow the programmer to work with DL05, DL06, and DL105 modules. Handheld Programmer DL Modules are the joint creation of Koyo and PLC Direct. This programmer is one of the parts from the DirectLogic 105 series of products. The purpose of this programmer is to give the user the power to do PLC Maintenance and troubleshoot the automation process. This device is able to provide both program and I/O diagnostics. The handheld comes has 4 indicator lights that displays system information to the user.

There is a retractable keyboard that reveals an EEPROM socket that allows the transfer of data between this and another device. There is a plethora of buttons on this programmer that enhance the user experience. The operation keys can call functions, monitor module status, changing system modes, and saving changes. The instruction/data type keys help select the data and instruction types the us would want to access. The handheld has 5.7 x 4.6 x 1.2 dimensions and weighs 1.7 ounces. For safe usage, the programmer should stay in a room that has an ambient between 0 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The module is listed as D2-HPP-U and the D2--HP--M Manual assists the user in making the machine function properly. Call us at AX Control to get price quotes and information about our equipment warranty policies.

AX Control Warranty Info

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D2-HPP-U Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting