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DL06 Micro PLC Model D0-06DD2


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DL06 Micro PLC Model D0-06DD2



Contact: 1-919-372-8413 (Intl.), 1-800-991-7026 (US), sales@axcontrol.com

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Product Description

The DL06 Micro PLC Model D0-06DD2 ​has​ ​the following ports as described in the following list.

  • ​6-pin connector serves one ​RS232C/RS422/RS485​ ​port that can interface with many devices

  • 15-pin connector server one​ ​RS–232C​ port used for ​communication ​functions

The D0-06DD2 has 20 (sinking or sourcing) DC inputs and 16 (sourcing only)  DC outputs. To program the D0-06DD2​ connect the device to a laptop through Port 1 or Port 2 and make sure the laptop has programming software installed.

External power only uses between 100 and 240 VAC/50-60 Hz, 40 VA amperage. Input voltage for standard/high-speed inputs must be between 10.8 through 26.4 VDC.12 through 24 VDC (standard/high-speed inputs) is the voltage used during operation. 5 banks are available. Each has four inputs. Every bank is associated with one common terminal. The output voltage range is 10.8-26.4 VDC and the operating voltage range is 12-24  VDC for standard and pulse outputs.

The sixteen sourcing DC outputs use the same common. 32ºF is the lowest temperature to operate the device. 131ºF is the highest temperature to use the device. The humidity is from 5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Operating modes are standard on the D0-06DD2. Use them while programming the device for testing. You can also change the modes from a laptop that has programming software installed.


AX Control Warranty Info

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D0-06DD2 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting