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Automation Direct EA7-T6CL-R C-more EA7 Series 5.7" HMI Touch Panel Display


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Automation Direct EA7-T6CL-R C-more EA7 Series 5.7" HMI Touch Panel Display



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Product Description

The Automation Direct EA7-T6CL-R is a human machine interface touch panel display that is a member of the C-more EA7 series. This analog resistive touch panel features a 5.7in 320x240 pixel TFT LCD display. A full-color panel, the unit supports 65,536 dynamic colors for a bright user display. Housing a 32-Bit RISC CPU, the HMI consists of 64MB of system memory (SDRAM) and 64MB of flash memory (FLASH). This integrated CPU system allows for quick memory and data transfers when connected to a USB or Ethernet port. The necessary 24VDC power supply can be drawn using an AC/DC power adapter from a 100-240VAC 50/60Hz source.

A base model of the EA7 series, EA7-T6CL-R features standard I/O ports for device communication. A serial PLC interface port and two USB ports make up the inputs available on the panel. The two USB inputs allow users to program data and transfer information via the port. This touch panel offers screen mirroring on a separate computer for remote observation and controlling. Not only can the mirrored screen view the displayed screen on the panel, it can also access background applications as well. A variety of languages and fonts, including Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, English, and Spanish, are supported on the display. The smallest manufactured touch panel display of the series, the unit weighs 1.43 pounds and measures 6.140in (H) x 8.047in (W) x 1.697in (D).

Following all instruction parameters is integral to preserving the integrity of EA7-T6CL-R. Ambient temperatures of the operating facility can affect the longevity of the display. Control temperatures so they fall no lower than 32℉, or 0℃, and no higher than 122℉, or 50℃. Storage temperatures can range further, between -4℉ and 140℉, or -20℃ to 60℃. Original technical support for the touch panel was offered through Automation Direct and their user documents. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s manual and datasheets for proper installation and safety guidelines.

AX Control offers repairs and service on your EA7-T6CL-R part. Call or email AX Control for repair prices or to receive pricing on a new display.

EA7-T6CL-R Technical Specifications

Backlight LED
Display Color Color
Features Base
Screen Size 5.7"
Software Programming EA-PGMSW

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