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EA7-T6CL C-more EA7 Series HMI Display by Automation Direct


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EA7-T6CL C-more EA7 Series HMI Display by Automation Direct



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Product Description

EA7-T6CL is a TFT 5.7-inch full-color touch panel with the full features. The EZ touch panel from Automation Direct is an HMI display designed to be mounted to a cabinet or enclosure.  Mounting screws and clips for the EA7-T6CL touchscreen are typically included.   Automation Direct was founded as a privately held subsidiary of Koyo Electronics. 

For the touch panel part number key, EA7 indicates the C-more EA7 series. The digit that follows the dash is the LCD type: S=STN and T=TFT. The next digit is the screen size: 6=5.7”, 8=8.4”, 10=10.4”, 12=12.1”, and 15=15.0”. The next digit is the color: C=color and M=greyscale. The next digit is the backlight type: blank=CCFL and L=LED. The last digit is the features: blank=full and R=base.

There are 65,536 colors on the display. The display brightness is 270 cd/m2 (NITS). A real-time clock is built into the panel. There is a calendar that is backed up by the battery. There is also a screensaver that is activated when the backlight turns off after 30-1500 minutes (adjustable). The serial PLC interface is a serial PLC port that is an RS-232/422/485 15-pin D-sub (female) port. There are also 2 USB ports on the display. The Ethernet LAN port is an Ethernet 10/100 Base-T. There is an optional expansion assembly and an optional CF card. The supply power is 24 VDC, -15%, +20%. The power consumption is 11 watts at 24 VDC. This display can withstand a voltage of 1000 VDC for one minute between the DC power supply input terminal and the safety ground. The weight of this display is 1.48 lb, and the dimensions are 6.140" x 8.047" x 1.697".


EA7-T6CL Technical Specifications

Backlight LED
Display Color Color
Features Full
Screen Size 5.7"
Software Programming EA-PGMSW

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