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Automation Direct EA7 Operator HMI EA7-T6C

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Automation Direct EA7 Operator HMI EA7-T6C



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Product Description


This device is a part of the Automation Direct  EA7 series of products. Automation Direct is an industrial controller manufacturer. The EA7 series is outfitted as an array of human/machine interface units, and programmed as C-More Operator Interfaces. The EA7-T6C unit is available from our inventory at AX Control Inc. Our hardware is made up of several units, both surplus products and pre-owned materials.

The EA7-T6C unit is designed as a 6 inch C-more HMI operator interface, which displays the information on screen in full color in 64K colors. The touch screen panel is constructed with a thin film transistor. The screen measures at 5.7 inches diagonally, and has a QVGA screen resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels.

The EA7-T6C unit includes a 333 megahertz CPU module, and is outfitted with an operational intake that ranges between 20.4 V/DC to a maximum of 28.8 V/DC.

This unit is outfitted with an LED backlight system that provides a well lit screen. This unit is protected by a NEMA 4/4x rated protective case, and has an IP65 grade when it is safely mounted correctly. This unit is intended for operation within an indoor setting.

The EA7-T6C HMI is covered by AX Control Inc.’s comprehensive and detailed warranty. It ranges from one to three years. Our programmable logic controllers and human/machine interfaces are covered for three years.

If there are any questions regarding our hardware for sale, price quote, or warranty, then you can reach a representative by phone or email during our business hours.

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