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Woodward EasyGen Genset Engine Controller easYgen-3200XT-P1

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Woodward EasyGen Genset Engine Controller easYgen-3200XT-P1



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Product Description


The EasyGen 3000 line from Woodward is made of several models of turbomachinery genset controller units. The series is programmed with flexible, efficient control systems, which is able to be adapted individually to every application. These controller modules are all designed for industrial gas and diesel engines, steam turbines, and compressor modules. However, this unit, the easYgen-3200XT-P1, is a part of the 3200 subcategory of Woodward EasyGen devices, built for multiple unit operation.

The graphic interface of this module is a 5.7 inch LCD display. The options available to set up the graphic user display range between 14 separate languages.

The easYgen-3200XT-P1 is designed with easy to use arrays of hardware, and is able to handle communication by connection through both an Ethernet and USB connections. On board documentation and system updates are a standard feature, and the drop-in replacement detail is implemented into the unit so increase the module’s longevity. These units are designed to connect to over 32 genset modules in just a single network.

The FlexApp featured software is designed to provide the capabilities to configure the EasyGen modules to the desired user specifications. This unit has 3 systems for measuring the capabilities of the engine types under its control: genset, utility, and busbars.

The Woodward series of devices are available from AX Control’s lineup of used, optimized and refurbished hardware. These devices are covered by our extensive, detailed protective warranty, as the original Woodward warranty no longer applies due to the EasyGen series no longer being a production from their manufacturing division.

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