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Woodward model easYgen-3100-1-P2 is part of the EasyGen 3000 series of Genset Controllers. This controller can be used for complex or simple paralleling. The easYgen-3100-1-P2 model can be used with easYgen-3200 and easYgen-3500 models.



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  • Part Number: EasyGen-3100-1-P2
  • SKU: EasyGen31001P2WO
  • Manufacturer: Woodward
  • Series: easYgen-3000 Series

EasyGen-3100-1-P2 Technical Specifications

Accuracy Class 1
Manufacturer Woodward
Max. power consumption per path < 0.15 W
Multi-lingual English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Slovakian, Finnish, Swedish
Power Setting Range 0.5 - 99,999.9 kW/kvar
Weight Approx. 1,850 g (4 lbs)

Product Description

This generator set controller is in the easYgen-3000 series. Genset controllers in this Woodward series offer protection for generators, mains, and engines through a variety of functions. The easYgen-3100-1-P2 model can control up to 32 connected gensets in applications requiring either simple or complex paralleling.

Data measurement functions of easYgen-3100-1-P2 track engine speed, coolant temperature, battery voltage, oil pressure, and oil temperature. Voltage, power, kW, kWh, kvar, and current are some of the data points measured for the generator and mains.

As indicated in the part number, easYgen-3100-1-P2 is a Package 2 (P2) model. Features of the P2 units include 3 freely configurable PID controllers, external analog inputs/outputs via CANopen, and engine cylinder temperature protection.

This model is intended for the cabinet back mounting, and it does not have a built-in display. If front panel mounting is required, please see the 3200 models. The easYgen-3100-1-P2 unit does have two LED functional statuses on the front of the unit’s metal housing, but all configuration, monitoring, and control functions must be performed remotely.

easYgen-3100-1-P2 has the same standard application modes as the rest of the easYgen-3000 series. These modes are: no CB operation, open GCB, open/close GCB, and open/close GCB/MCB. The operating modes of this unit are Automatic, Stop, and Manual, as well as a test mode.

Woodward easYgen-3000 manual 37470A has complete information on configuring and operating the 3100-1-P2 controller via the multi-lingual user interface. This genset controller has a FIFO event recorder that can store up to 300 event logs. Status/error messages and troubleshooting info may also be found in manual 37470A.

Reviews For EasyGen-3100-1-P2

Internal Review

Woodward model easYgen-3200-1-P2 can be used with other easYgen-3100 models along with other easYgen-3200 and easYgen-3500 models. When being used with the easYgen-3500 models it is best to be sure that the model being used with the easYgen-3100 model has an LS-5 to be used with multi-grid applications. - AX Control Tech Team

  • 8440-1844
  • 8440-1933
  • 8440-1974

Repair Services For EasyGen-3100-1-P2

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1354

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your EasyGen-3100-1-P2. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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