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EasyGen-2500-5 from Woodward

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EasyGen-2500-5 from Woodward



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Product Description


The EasyGen-2500-5 is a compact genset control/protection package from Woodward.   With a history of producing quality products for aerospace systems, Woodward’s industrial-related components for industrial gas or steam turbines, wind turbines, electrical grids, and other energy systems are designed to these same high standards.  

The  EasyGen-2500-5 allows for the synchronization and load sharing of up to sixteen generator sets in isolation (island operation) or in parallel operation with a utility.  The interface allows remote communication at the generator set control level up to the system network level using commonly used interfaces such as Ethernet or Profibus through dedicated gateways, Modbus RTU for PLC, SCADA, and HMI, J1939 for engine ECU, peer-to-peer load sharing via CANopen, and remote control/programming using the manufacturer’s ToolKit software via standard modem connection.

The  EasyGen-2500-5 includes ten discrete inputs, eleven relay outputs, four analog inputs, and four analog outputs.  It has one RS-485 interface along with two CAN bus interfaces. This product is configurable in multiple languages, including English, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanse, Italian, Turkish, Polish, and Portuguese.  The system has multi-level password protection, is PC and/or front panel configurable, and has discrete I/O expansion board connectivity.

The front panel of the  EasyGen-2500-5 has a 128 by 64 dot graphical LC display (interactive) with soft keys.  The unit includes a real-time event recorder, up to three hundred events. This has a battery backup.  

If more information about the  EasyGen-2500-5 is desired, please refer to manuals or data sheets published by Woodward.  These publications will also provide the user with detailed information required for proper installation.  

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