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EasyGen-2500-1 from Woodward

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EasyGen-2500-1 from Woodward




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Product Description


The EasyGen-2500-1 is part of the easyGen-2000 series from Woodward.  This series is designed to be an affordable, compact option for the control and protection of up to sixteen generator sets in isolated operation or in parallel operation with a utility.   Woodward, the world’s oldest independent manufacturer of control systems and turbines, manufactures this component for use in industrial energy-related fields.

The EasyGen-2500-1 is designed with integrated load dependent start/stop programming.  This allows the user to define how generator sets are brought on or offline in order to meet changing load demands.  The EasyGen-2500-1 can work with engines of various sizes to allow for optimal fuel efficiency. Load transfer features on this unit include interchange, open/closed transition, mains parallel, and soft loading/soft unloading.  

The EasyGen-2500-1 has an advanced HMI LC display with soft keys.  It can record up to 300 real-time events using its event recorder and clock with battery back up.  Configuration via PC is available. The user can also use the front panel for changes in settings.

The EasyGen-2500-1 uses 3-phase, 4-wire generator voltage, and busbar voltage.  It offers automatic, manual, and stop operating modes, as well as stand-by and critical mode operation.  The unit has ten configurable discrete control inputs, eleven configurable discrete outputs, four analog inputs and outputs, two CAN bus interfaces, and an RS-485 Modbus RTU slave interface.   The EasyGen-2500-1 supports eleven different languages. It has multi-level password protection available.

More information about the EasyGen-2500-1 can be accessed through user guides, data sheets, or manuals from Woodward.  Such publications will also include detailed instructions for handling and installation.

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