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Digital Controller 8280-1009 for Woodward Series 723PLUS. Features automatic breaker opening as well as compatibility with Digital Synchronizer and Load Controllers. This unit can be programmed for various systems as it contains specific circuitry and terminals. Control Assembly 9906-619



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  • Part Number: 8280-1009
  • SKU: 82801009WO
  • Manufacturer: Woodward
  • Series: 723 and 723PLUS Digital Control

8280-1009 Technical Specifications

Weight 6.5lbs.
Standards Suitable for Class 1, Div 2, Groups A-D
Part Number 8280-1009
Model 9906-619
Input Voltage 18-40 Vdc, 40 Watts
Enclosure Type Metal for Hazardous Locations
Dimensions W41.275 cm x L29.21 cm x H6.0325 cm

Product Description

Part 8280-1009 is a 723PLUS Digital Control model (by Woodward Governor) suitable for use in a variety of applications, such as load-sharing systems and instances requiring torsional filtering. Two-speed inputs on this unit accommodate either proximity switches or magnetic pickups (MPUs). If proximity switches are to be used, speed signal frequencies must be below 100 Hz. A minimum frequency of 30 Hz must be maintained for steady-state speed control.


723PLUS Digital Controls are adjusted via either a Hand Held Programmer (part 9907-205) or Watch Window, a PC-based software. Part 8280-1009 has several compatible accessories in addition to the programmer/software. For generator load management, a Digital Synchronizer and Load Control (DSLC) can be connected, and if an application requires mechanical load sharing, a Rack Position Sensor can be used. Woodward 723PLUS Manual 02877 has more information on these accessories and more.


The 8280-1009 control must be mounted in a location that will maintain an operating temperature range of 40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F). The unit must also be protected from water exposure (including condensation), vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Interference levels should not exceed levels defined in EN50082–2.


To suit a wider variety of applications, 723PLUS model 8280-1009 has analog and discrete inputs/outputs, both of which are configurable. In addition to these I/Os and the two-speed inputs, part 8280-1009 has multiple serial ports.

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This unit can be shipped today! Our team of technicians has tested for verification of industry standards such as heat resistance and accurate measurements of stated voltage requirements. - AX Control Inc.

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