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0.25HP 1PH 1.5 Amps AC 118VAC Drive


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0.25HP 1PH 1.5 Amps AC 118VAC Drive



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Product Conditions

New Sealed Factory Package: A completely unused product that is in the original factory package AND HAS NOT BEEN OPENED.

New Surplus Factory Package: A completely unused product that is in the original factory package. The package may have been opened for the purpose of pictures, but the product has never been used or installed.

New Surplus AX Control Package: A completely unused product that has been removed from the original factory package. Often due to shelf wear or previous shipping, the factory package is not adequate and must be replaced with an ideal AX Control product package.

Reconditioned: All products that qualify as reconditioned have completed AX Controls thorough and detailed QA process and meet the requirements of excellent working condition and excellent cosmetic condition.

Frequently Asked Questions about 6MDVN-1P5101

What is the output current for a MD60 Reliance Electric 6MDVN-1P5101?
The 6MDVN-1P5101 has an output current of 1.5 amps.
How big is the 6MDVN-1P5101?
A Reliance Electric MD60 6MDVN-1P5101 has an A frame size. The 6MDVN-1P5101 is 3.15 by 7.28 inches and the 6MDVN-1P5101 drive's shipping weight is 3.1lbs.
Where can I get help with troubleshooting my 6MDVN-1P5101 and correcting fault code errors?
The MD60 AC Drive User Manual has a chapter on troubleshooting which includes fault codes and how to manually and automatically clear faults on your 6MDVN-1P5101 drive. AX Control is also happy to help with troubleshooting issues on your 6MDVN-1P5101 and we can identify fault codes on your 6MDVN-1P5101. We also offer in-house repairs on MD60 6MDVN-1P5101 drives. Please ask our sales representative for an estimated lead repair time and repair quote on a MD60 Reliance Electric 6MDVN-1P5101.
How can parameters be broken down on a Reliance Electric MD60 6MDVN-1P5101?
The MD60 AC Drive User Manual breaks parameters down into three groups: basic program group parameters, advanced group parameters, and display group parameters. We're happy to send you a link to the manual where you can read descriptions of each parameter group for MD60 drives.
What phase is a 6MDVN-1P5101?
The MD60 6MDVN-1P5101 is a single phase drive.
What does the F2 fault code mean on a 6MDVN-1P5101?
The F2 fault code on a 6MDVN-1P5101 is the fault code error to notify you that the auxilary input interlock is open on your 6MDVN-1P5101. To fix this fault, check remote wiring on the 6MDVN-1P5101 and verify communications programming for intentional fault on your 6MDVN-1P5101. 

Product Description

6MDVN-1P5101 is a Reliance Electric 115V, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase drive that is part of the MD60 drive series. This drive has 0.2 kW, a horsepower rating of 0.25, and an output current of 1.5 A. The frame size is A. There are a number of parameters on the MD60 drive. Parameter A098 is the SW Current Trip. The default is 0.0 (Disabled), and the range is the 0.0 to the drive rated amps x 2. Parameter A099 is the Process Factor (Display Scaling). The default is 30.0, and the range is 0.1 to 999.9. Parameter A100 is the Fault Clear. The default is 0 (Ready), and the range is 0 (Ready), 1 (Reset Fault), and 2 (Clear Buffer). Parameter A101 is the Program Lock. The default is 0 (Unlocked), and the range is 0 (Unlocked) to 1 (Locked). Parameter A102 is the Testpoint Select. The default is 0400, and the range is 0400 to FFFF. Parameter A103 is the Comm Data Rate. The default is 4 (19.2 K). The range is 0 (1200), 1 (2400), 2 (4800), 3 (9600), 4 (19.2 K), 5 (38.4 K). Parameter A104 is the Comm Node Address. The default is 1 and the range is 1 to 247. Parameter A105 is the Comm Loss Action. The default is 0 (Fault). The range is 0 (Fault), 1 (Coast to Stop), 2 (Stop), and 3 (Continue Last Speed). Each of these parameters may be manually altered on the drive.

6MDVN-1P5101 Technical Specifications

Enclosure NEMA 1 or Chassis
Filter/No Filter Not Filtered
HP 0.25 HP
Hz 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 118 VAC
kW 0.2kW
Labeling UL Listed, IEC Certified
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 6MDVN-1P5101
Series MD60

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty.
All PLCs and HMIs: 3 years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 years
All Motors: 1 year
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