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A Wind Energy Main Converter Control for ESS wind turbines; the IS215WEMAH1B was designed by GE Energy for use in their Mark VIe Speedtronic control system series.



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  • Part Number: IS215WEMAH1B
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark VIe & Mark VIeS Control Systems

IS215WEMAH1B Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GE Energy
Series Mark VI Speedtronic
Part Number IS215WEMAH1B
Functional Acronym WEMA
Functional Description Wind Energy Main Converter Control
PCB Coating Conformal Coating
Functional Revision 1 B

Product Description

As indicated by the IS215WEMAH1B product number's unique IS215 tag, the IS215WEMAH1B Wind Energy Main Converter Control is equipped with a special assembly for supreme printed circuit board performance. This module, as indicated by its name, was specifically introduced to the Mark VIe Speedtronic Series of Wind Turbine controls, manufactured by the General Electric shell company GE Energy. This is considered a modified version of the preexisting IS215WEMAH1 parent board, as the IS215WEMAH1B features a singular revision graded at a "B" rating. This revision is classified as a functional revision, as it alters the overall functionality of the printed circuit board greatly. 

Hardware Tips and Specifications

While not a great expanse of original manual material exists on the internet for this IS215WEMAH1B product, the WEMA-abbreviated printed circuit board is mentioned briefly in some pieces of relevant literature. One of these pieces of manufacturer-issued literature is GEH-6721; the Mark VIe and Mark VIeS Control Systems System Guide. This guide includes a chart describing some hardware specifications specific to the IS215WEMAH1 board assembly. As outlined in this chart, the IS215WEMAH1 board is listed as having 27 total digital inputs, 2 analog thermistor temperature sensor inputs, 9 relay contact outputs, and three total solid-state relay outputs. 

While only a limited amount of hardware information is retrievable through online and manual research of the IS215WEMAH1B, a simple visual inspection and part number breakdown for the IS215WEMAH1B seem to yield an even greater quantity of important specifications. For starters, it is important to highlight the numerous factory-printed labels that are evident on the base board of this WEMA printed circuit board. Labels including the IS215WEMAH1B part number label, ETON ET866, JACD00C, 94V-0, and others all exist outside of the standard nomenclature labels that are seen alongside many basic components including the IS215WEMAH1B board's resistors, capacitors, and fuses. This WEMA-abbreciated PCB seems to have a quantity of four total fuses for surface voltage protections, in addition to its over six hundred embedded resistors and two hundred total capacitors. Other components of note visibly attached to the IS215WEMAH1B base board include the J7, P5, and P2 connector ports, a hefty transformer located in the top right corner of the board, and a series of eight total relays grouped along the left upper corner of the PCB. Many of these mentioned individual components have their own factory-printed labels for installation identification purposes, such as the inductors labeled "223 Coilcraft D." The edges of the IS215WEMAH1B board seem to be factory-drilled for convenient installation, and a series of four metal standoffs in the center of the module provide additional support to this frankly-oversized board.

While there are a lot of components to consider on the base board of this WEMA Wind Energy Main Converter Control, it is important too to consider some of the more general information sourceable from a simple IS215WEMAH1B product number breakdown. As outlined in the manuals tabs' IS215WEMAH1B Part Number Breakdown above, this PCB's part number's IS215 tag identifies it as a special-assembly General Electric PCB that was manufactured at their Salem, Virginia factory location. An instance of the WEMA functional acronym is shrugged only by the IS215WEMAH1B part number's later inclusion of the "H1B" portion, which carries a triple meaning. The H1B product number portion designates the WEMA board as a conformal-coated printed circuit board with a Group 1 Mark VIe Series grouping. This H1B portion also identifies the unique functional revision attached to this Converter Control Board as a functional revision graded at a "B" rating.

Frequently Asked Questions about IS215WEMAH1B

What does the IS215WEMAH1B PCB's special assembly entail?

The inclusion of the "IS215" series tag in the individualized IS215WEMAH1B product part number indicates that this product has a special assembly that involves the inclusion of a SCOM grounding output line.

What does the greater Mark VIe series include?

The Mark VIe series, introduced by General Electric Shell company GE Energy, is a series of products and component parts designed for normative use within wind turbine applications, specifically.

Will AX Control repair my defective IS215WEMAH1B?

Yes. Depending on the condition of your IS215WEMAH1B model PCB, our helpful team of skilled service technicians will make every attempt to repair this WEMA board, along with a slew of other vintage and refurbished General Electric printed circuit boards. The standard lead time on repairs sits at one to two weeks for this product.

Reviews For IS215WEMAH1B

Internal Review

As demonstrated in the IS215WEMAH1B part number breakdown supplied above, the IS215WEMAH1B Main Convertor Control is intended specifically for use with wind turbines, as with the rest of GE Energy's Mark VIe series. This printed circuit board features a series of different input and output types for wide-reaching processing capabilities. Four fuses are apparent on the base board of the IS215WEMAH1B Wind Energy Main Convertor Control; the replacement fuses for this board being 0.315A 250V 5x20MM, 3.15A 5X20MM 250V, and 1.0A 250V 5x20MM fuses. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For IS215WEMAH1B

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1815

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your IS215WEMAH1B. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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