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Product Description


The DL05 Micro PLC Model D0-05DD must have  95-240 VAC external power. And the amperage must be up to 30 VA. The input voltage must be between 10.8 and 26.4 VDC. The operating voltage must be between 12 and -24 VDC.  There are two banks of four inputs. Each of the two banks common terminal that is isolated. Each can be configured as either sourcing sinking or inputs.

The output voltage must be between 5 and 30 VDC. The operating voltage range is required to be between 6 and 27 VDC. The terminal on the right side of the connector are used by the current sinking DC output channels and they use the same electrical common.The temperature must be between 32ºF and 131ºF (0º to 55ºC) and the ambient humidity range must be between 5 and 95% relative humidity (non-condensing).

Two RS–232C communication ports are featured. The DL05 Micro PLC Model D0-05DD also has DC inputs (8) and DC outputs (6).  

Operating modes are available from a switch on the device. They are also accessible from a handheld programming device or optional DirectSOFT 5 programming software. Use the modes for troubleshooting.

You can connect a handheld programming device to Port 1 on the D0-05DD. You can also connect an operator interface, or other device containing DirectSOFT 5. Port 2 offers RS-232 communications only and it also is a is a 6-pin modular connector.




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