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DL05 Micro PLC Model D0-05AD


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DL05 Micro PLC Model D0-05AD



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Product Description

The D0-05AD is a Micro PLC Module created by DirectLogic for their DL05 series. This module may have been marketed by Automation Direct or PLC Direct depending on what time it was in production. This item is not being produced by the manufacturers and is outdated. AX Control does retain this unit in stock as a new surplus stock item or as a gently used refurbished element.

The D0-05AD has 8 discrete inputs and 6 discrete outputs.  The outputs have sinking and two of them have the ability to be used as a single bi-directional 7khz pulse output. This module is able to be used with both AC powered and DC powered units. It has a 90-120 VAC input voltage rating on AC devices and a 6-27 VDC voltage range on DC devices. It is 50-60Hz and 30VA.  It is able to be synced to other devices like it. it should be stored between the temperature ranges of -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. It should not be kept near corrosive gasses.

For more info about the D0-05AD, please refer to the specific DL05 User’s Manual produced by DirectLogic. If you no longer have this manual, please let a representative of AX Control know as you are buying the D0-05AD and we will attempt to locate you a new one if possible. Only competent specialists should install or modify the D0-05AD to prevent any type of major system damage or serious injuries.

If you have any queries about the compatibility of the D0-05AD to your existing DL05 system, please don’t hesitate to call or email us at AX Control. One of our very knowledgeable team members is here to assist you with your system needs. 

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D0-05AD Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting