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General Electric (GE) Automation

GE Speedtronic Turbine Control

General Electric (GE Energy) Speedtronic Turbine Control Boards feature state of the art control for GE Turbines throughout the globe. These boards are available in legacy series such as Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V, Mark VI and in current series such as Mark VIe. We also stock boards for GE DC300 Drives including boards in our 193X and 531X Series.

GE Drives/GE Fuji Drives

We carry the General Electric AF-650, AF-600, AF-60, and GE Fuji AF-300 Drive Series. Our stock includes both obsolete and current drives series, ranging from 1-200HP in most cases. Parts include 6KP1143050X9B1, 6KG1143030X1B1, 6KG1143010X1B1, 6KG1143020x1B1, 6KG1143005X1B1.

GE Multilin

GE Multilin by GE Consumer and Industrial has produced numerous product lines of Motor Management Relays (269 and 469 Series), Generator Management Relays (489 series), Feeder Protection Systems (350 and 850 series), and Transformer Protections Systems (745 Series). Multilin manuals for each series provide detailed troubleshooting and alarms.

GE Fanuc PLC

Our GE Fanuc PLC product offering consists of most Fixed I/O PLC Lines. Among these are GE Fanuc Series One Jr., Series 90-20, and Series 90 Micro. We also specialize in Durus Controllers, Versapoint, and IC620 Micro. Please let us know if you are looking for additional GE Fanuc Lines, as we have numerous sourcing channels available.

Reliance Electric Automation

Reliance Automax

The Reliance Electric (Rockwell) AutoMax AutoMate PLC line was/is one of the largest installed control platforms worldwide. Formerly AutoMate, the line transformed first into the DCS 5000 system and finally to automax. Common parts include the 57C435, 57C435A Processor, the 57C494, 61C544, 57C493 Power Supplies, and 57C424, 57C445.

Reliance GV3000 Drives

Reliance Electric GV3000 GV-3000/SE AC Drives are our specialty. Our selection spans 1-400HP and includes numerous regulator boards versions and NEMA rated enclosures. The GV3000 line consists of multi-purpose AC drives that offer stand-alone options and variable speed motors. Parts include 50V4160, 20V4160, 10V4160, 7V4160, and 5V4160.

Reliance FlexPak 3000

Reliance Electric FlexPak 3000 DC Drives series has a large domestic and international installed base. Most HP drives come in both Regenerative and Non-Regenerative versions. In most cases, we can provide replacement parts such as regulator boards and option cards. Notable models include the 50FR4042, 40FR4042, 100FN40402, and 10FR4042.

Additional Reliance Electric Products

Our Reliance Electric product offering includes almost all series of AC Drives, DC Drives, and Servo Drives, as well as PLCs, Rectifier Stacks and more. Other prominent Reliance Electric Series include Shark XL, AutoMax PMI, BRU-500 Servo Drives, and many more.

A Leader in Industrial Automation

AX Control Inc carries Reliance Electric, General Electric (GE), Fuji Electric, Horner, Parker, and Eurotherm products, but we are always also happy to check our inventory to see if we have other product lines in stock.

We specialize in drives/drive boards, HMIs, and PLCs; however we carry other products in association, for example, anything from interface and communication modules to power supplies, rectifier stacks, processors, motor controllers, and many more.

At AX Control we pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and friendly staff, competitive pricing, quality products, unbeatable repair turnarounds, and the best warranty in the industry. Whether you're looking for new surplus on a product or looking for a reconditioned part, we've got your back.

Our inventory is comprised of mostly obsolete products, however we do our best to supply new factory stock, as well as new surplus products, which we've purchased directly from liquidated facilities, as well as reconditioned products, which have been through our extensive reconditioning and refurbishment process completed by our in-house experts to assure quality operation.

At AX Control, we go the extra mile to guarantee satisfaction for our customers. We want your machinery or facility up and running at its highest level of performance. We are here to help.