Combined Cycle Power Plants: FAQs

DS200NATOG3 circuit board from General Electric.  This board can be part of a combined cycle power plant's control system.
A DS200NATOG3 circuit board. This board can be used as part of a combined cycle power plant’s control system.

In this short blog post we’ll answer some of the most common questions about combined cycle power plants.

What is a combined cycle plant?

Power plants generate electricity by driving a generator rotor through connected turbines. Power plants use different ways to generate the force to turn turbine blades. A mechanical force from wind or water or energy capture from fuels like coal, diesel, natural gas, and uranium changing states turn the blades.

A combined-cycle plant is a kind of thermal power plant. It uses a combination of two cycles of different energy capture. The first cycle uses natural gas combustion, which drives the generator. The heat from this cycle is used to create steam. The steam is used in the second cycle to produce energy via a steam turbine before the steam condenses back into water.

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Nearly 10K Manufacturing Jobs Added in March in 12 States

Despite a shrinking job market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing sector showed job growth in twelve states.

A person cutting metal.  Manufacturing jobs like this can pay well.
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, US manufacturing jobs showed growth in twelve states.

Over 700,000 workers lost their jobs in March across all sectors of the economy; 34,000 of those were manufacturing jobs. While news of large manufacturing layoffs and furloughs like ones at GE and Boeing have sparked alarm about the strength of the industry as a whole, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows manufacturing posting significantly less than 1% job loss across all states. Twelve states, including Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisana, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah all posted gains in employment that totaled 9200 jobs during the month of March. Additionally, four states reported no job losses.

Data below is broken down by state and compared to February 2020 employment numbers. All data was sourced from the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Updated March employment numbers can be found in our next post regarding April unemployment. These numbers were updated and released by the BOL on May 22, 2020.

Manufacturing Jobs Data by State

StateFeb 2020March 2020change% change

District of Columbia1,4001,300-100-7.14%




New Hampshire71,20070,800-400-0.56%

New Jersey251,800252,7009000.36%
New Mexico28,80028,80000.00%
New York436,600435,800-800-0.18%
North Carolina476,700473,000-3,700-0.78%
North Dakota25,60025,7001000.39%

Rhode Island39,20039,5003000.77%

South Carolina258,400258,40000.00%
South Dakota43,40043,8004000.92%

West Virginia46,20045,800-400-0.87%

Puerto Rico75,30075,000-300-0.40%
Virgin Islands80080000.00%

A chart showing manufacturing job numbers by state.

GE Multilin: Frequently Asked Questions

GE Multilin has been around since 1995. This part of General Electric focuses on industrial controls and manufacturing relays. This includes flexible process bus solutions and dual and multi-feeder protection for industrial applications. It also includes integrated motor protection for medium/large induction and synchronous motors.

Closeup of a GE Multilin 850 Feeder Relay
GE Multilin 850 Feeder Protection Relay (850-EP5NNG5HNNAANGAPFCSENNBN)

What is a Multilin Relay?

Industrial motors, feeder systems, transformers, and generators can use Multilin relays. These management relays protect while offering advanced monitoring functions.

GE Multilin is part of GE Grid Solutions. GE Grid Solutions is the renewable energy subsidiary of GE. It offers products and technology for control, metering, and communication. It is applicable for industrial, commercial, and transportation applications.

How are GE Multilin Relays used?

Many industries make use of GE Multilin relays. For example, utilities use the 850 Feeder protection system to ensure continuity within the power grid. Small and medium-sized distribution transformers, also part of the power grid, use the Multilin 350 feeder protection series.

Additionally, distributed generation interconnect protection and bus blocking often use the 750/760 Feeder management system. The 489 Generator Management Relay design protects and controls small to medium-sized generators. Moreover, the 369 and 469 Motor management relays offer management and protection to three-phase medium (369 AC only), and large (469 only) HP motors and driven equipment.

What are the benefits of Multilin Relays?

Multilin relays must stand up to rugged industrial standards. Most have front panel displays for viewing and programming in the field as well as RS232/RS485 ports to network and download data. Front panel LEDs are easy to read and the front keypad makes it simple to toggle through values and fault diagnosis information, as well as to set new data points.

A note about the FM2 Multilin and resetting trips

The FM2 Feeder series has a reset key that will allow a tripped state to be reset. However, earth faults or thermal overloads cannot be reset using this key. But the Lockout Reset feature will assign a fault to the programmable switch inputs. Overriding this lockout can occur through the lockout reset interlock.

How do I program my GE Multilin or update firmware?

GE is great about providing technical help to its users. There are over 100 Multilin videos on the website covering everything from how to update the firmware to how to set a transient recorder. These videos are available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and sometimes Russian.

AX Control carries a wide variety of GE Multilin products, including the GE Multilin 750.