Work Shoes for Automation Jobs To Avert Injury and Pain

Safety equipment is important for workers in the Industrial Automation. Here are some of the factors you should consider when picking out your next pair of work shoes.

For many jobs in the Industrial Automation industry, protective work shoes are a necessity.  In some cases, personal protective equipment is a requirement to even access the factory floor.  Healthy feet are crucial for ease of movement; Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump taught us that. 

Even when PPE footwear isn’t required, it’s often still a good idea to protect your feet from damage by rolling or falling objects, to protect from sharp objects beneath your sole,  or to protect from electric shock. In any situation where a possibility of injury exists, workers should adopt a “better safe than sorry” approach.  

Close up image of leather work shoes
Work shoes are expensive but will serve you well if you choose well.

While OSHA (Occupational  Safety and Health Administration) dictates how personal protective equipment is used, certification standards for safety shoes are actually provided by ASTM International.   

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NEMA vs IP Ratings: What to Know

If you work in an industrial or manufacturing setting, you’ve probably seen pieces of equipment marked with NEMA or IP ratings. This article will help explain a little about what those ratings are, and what they mean. Also, we’ll do a little NEMA vs. IP Ratings comparison.

History and Use, NEMA vs IP Ratings

IP is a European standard. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The National Electrical Manufacturer Association created American NEMA rating standards. This organization is responsible for developing technical standards for the enclosures, batteries, and switchgear to millions of Member products like motors, medical imaging equipment, and lighting. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association also offers consulting services and advocates policy change for the industry to all levels of government.

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Overstock/Refurbished Industrial Equipment: Advantages

Do you know the advantages of overstock/refurbished industrial equipment?

The choices when you buy industrial automation equipment are varied.  Do you buy new? Overstock? Refurbished? Do you consider repairing your current part? 

The age of your factory automation systems and the availability of parts will drive some of these decisions. OEMs give limited options for older legacy systems. And the longer a system remains in use after legacy status, the more challenging it becomes to source quality replacement parts.

Here at AX Control, we stock a wide range of professionally refurbished, repaired, and reconditioned automation parts from companies like GE, Eurotherm, and Reliance Electric, just to name a few.  We inspect, clean, test, and bring every piece of legacy equipment in our inventory back to proper working order. Only then is it placed into our online inventory.

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